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No Kidding! Members at the

 New Orleans convention.

Childfree is another term for childless-by-choice.  It denotes people who have made the decision not to have children, usually permanently.  The alternate term is important to distinguish from the term childless, which implies that the person wants, but does not have, children.




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In 1995, the National Center of Health Statistics found that 6.6 percent of American women of childbearing age  define themselves as voluntarily childless.  According the U.S. Census, 44 percent of women ages 15-44 are childless.

People choose to be childfree for many reasons.  Many just do not feel the desire to be parents.  Others decide not to have children for personal, health, lifestyle, environmental or political reasons. 

The Childfree community has been emerging in western society since the 1970’s.  In recent years, childfree people have been the subject of many books, academic studies, television shows, and newspaper articles.

In 1984, Jerry Steinberg began No Kidding! International, a social club for childless and childfree people.  It currently has over 92 chapters in 5 countries, and is constantly expanding.

Many childfree people opt for permanent sterilization, but it is often difficult to find a physician willing to sterilize a childfree person. (see Jerry’s story) If you are a physician who would consider sterilizing a person without children, a childfree person who has undergone the procedure, or simply know a physician who will, please contact us.  We are looking for regional contacts to provide referrals on an individual basis in an anonymous referral network.



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Text Box: C H I L D - F R E E . C O M